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1. Is Lagos-Ibadan Express better now than 2015?

2. Was there a standard gauge rail from Lagos to Abeokuta in 2015?

3. Which party ruled Nigeria for 16 years without completing a single Rail project?

4. Who was the VP when $16 B was used to fund “Darkness”?

5. Is Lagos Airport road better now than 2015?

6. Was there Cancer center at LUTH in 2015?

7. What was the condition of Lagos-Sagamu-Ore-Ofosu-Benin road in 2015?

8. What was the condition of Nnenwe-Uduma-Uburu road in Ebonyi state in 2015?

9. What was the condition of Enugu-Port Harcourt expressway in 2015?

10. Why was the government borrowing money to pay salaries in 2015?

11. Who sold Nigeria Airway, NITEL to their friends and cronies, leaving the ex-staffs and pensioners to die of hunger?

12. Who is paying pension to the pardoned ex-Biafran soldiers and police officers?
13. Who is constructing the 2nd Niger bridge?

14. Who is cleaning up the Ogoni land?
15. What was the condition of Jebba-Mokwa road in 2015?

16. Who sold ALSON value at $3.1B for $130M?

17. Who were in government when over 800 industries (as reported by NACCIMA) shut down?

18. Who is providing off-grid power at Ariara market, Sura & Ijora Market, Kano-Sabo Gari market?

19. Who is giving an interest-free loan to petty traders?

20. Who destroyed our educational systems and awarded themselves licenses to establish universities?

21. Who is empowering an average youth Nigerians through NPower program?

22. Who is providing free food to Nigeria school children?

23. Who was indicted by the US Congress for money laundering?

24. Under whose government did Boko Haram crises start?

25. Are 17 local governments still under the control of Boko Haram?

26. Has there been any bomb blast in Abuja?

27. Who conceded 6 out 24 port terminals to his companies while in government?

28. Under whose government (2000 to 2015) was $23 Billion not remitted to government?

29. How much was JAMB remitting to Government before 2015 and how much are they remitting now?

30. Who completed the abandoned Zik mausoleum?

31. Who completed the installation of 60MVA, 132/33KV Power transformer in Akure and other – 60MVA (Port Harcourt, Akwa, Okpeilla, Afaha, Abeokuta, Suleija, Bida, Umuahia, Keffi), 100MVA (Katampe, Abuja)?

32. Who is energizing Nigeria University with Solar powered electricity?

33. Who deported Northerners when he was the Governor?

34. Who sacked non-Anambra Igbos from Anambra civil service?

35. Which party was in government in 2012 when 112 million Nigerians were living below the poverty level compared to 86.9 million in 2017 with an increasing population?

36. Who was the VP when Lagos Local Govt. funds were seized, even after the Supreme Court ordered the release?

37. Who is paying pension to Ex-Nitel, NIPOST, Nigeria Airways, Railway, PHCN staffs?

38. Who is promising to enrich his friends?

39. Who is going to sell NNPC to his friends like he sold African Petroleum to Peter Okocha?

40. Is there anything bad in supporting star boy “Omoluabi” when the Ohaneze Ndgibo is supporting one of their own?



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