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The rural to urban migration has been a century old problem which many sociologists have insisted cannot be reduced except that that the basic amenities obtainable in the cities are also obtainable in the smaller communities.

Administrators in Niger state have made very little effort in that direction, and have concentrated only on the development of Urban cities and completely neglecting the rural areas until Governor Abubakar Sani Bello.

His Excellency is shifting from the tradition where governors locate all projects in urban centers to the detriment of less visible settings.

In the current political dispensation, less visible settings now enjoying the gains of democracy as the basic amenities are now being provided.

Governor Bello is determined to do all he can for as long as he can to see that he provides the much needed amenities across the state. In that direction, His Excellency has embarked on the following projects in Kuta:

1. Ongoing Completion of 10km Kuta township road.
2. Renovation of Kuta Central Primary School in addition to the already constructed Bodo Primary School high rise building.
3. Construction of Male ward in addition to already constructed Doctors Qtrs in Kuta general hospital(NG/SDG)
4. Relocation of Kasuwan Shanu and
5. Construction of Women center, Kuta.
6. New Teachers Development Training Institute, Kuta. (Ubec building reconstructed by state govt)

The Lolofication of Niger state.



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