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By Abdullberqy U Ebbo

It is good, perhaps almost even imperative, to make occasional clarifications about the mind of an administration, especially when such (an administration) actually, not titularly, has a mind of its own and values the welfare and concerns of the led.

This is if people’s opinions count for much regarding assessments upon the performance and achievement of the people’s political leaders.

“As a leader your first and most important consideration is the sensitivity of the needs of your people.” ~ Governor Abubakar Sani Bello

Queries are often being heard that why should any government engage in constructing boreholes, bridges, drainages and doing small projects that can be handled by the local governments.

The simple answer remains that service must always be tendered, irrespective of the body or organisation carrying out such and when people are in need, what matters is the speed with which yearnings are being met.

Factually, most of what were tabled before the Governor as requests had been absent for quite a while and people had suffered without helps coming their way.

It must therefore be seen as a blessing that such requests which had sentenced communities and their people to untold hardship to ages of very needless suffering must be met with despatch and a very fatherly force.

This was the spirit behind the projects. It is often called ‘service according to needs’. However big and mighty a project is, it will make sense only if the people consider it needed and valuable.

You can not construct a N5B bridge when the people lack basic amenities. Leadership to Governor Abu Sani Bello is not a show business, it is to him doing that which is right and reflective.

In another way, you don’t build new primary school structures for a community where roads are the priority. If people’s demands bear no links to projects approved and executed, no government can expect to be appreciated. This is just the fact.

I embarked on a visit to Ministries, Departments and Agencies to update myself on the achievements of the Government, I was shocked to realize that more than half of the Governor’s achievement are yet to become public knowledge.

If you’re a keen follower of the happenings in the state, we are about to reveal to the world, some of the most amazing things the Governor has done in the rural areas.



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