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Marketing and image management are very tough jobs by all standards. Imagine selling or trying to sell a mixture of garri and sand as garri . The prospective consumer asks you to eat it , you say are not hungry. The second asks you to taste it but you declined because you have too much to taste as every prospective consumer you have met had asked you to taste your garri. You will refuse it because you wouldn’t want to die of kidney stones.

The analogy above is for the picture below which is from Atiku’s campaign team. They have tactically accepted Atiku is corrupt but they still want to sell him by all means possible.

They have stupidly said corruption is better than incompetence. Incompetence being new roads , rails, pensions being payed, Boko Haram now hiding, social investment programmes, reforms by government parastatals,diversification of economy amongst many others.

The corruption that took place under President Obasanjo and his Vice -Atiku would curse all those who think its era is better than 3yrs of rekindling under President Mohammadu Buhari. Corruption is the only reason why you have opportunity as President and Vice President to restructure Nigeria’s education system but decided to build for yourself in 2004 an ultra-modern university with tax payers’ money in Ota while in office while your Vice President who also understands that quality education is important started a university in 2004 in Yola also while in office.

We have also been facing the problem of over-dependent on oil for a long time but the duo of OBJ and Atiku rather concentrated on making their farms the best around. If they truly love Nigeria, why didn’t they use same strategies used in improving our Agriculture and education sectors.

The idea of being owner of businesses is not even a prerequisite for being a good president. There are tonnes of world leaders who are perfect examples. What is the essence of having lots of businesses with an extremely corrupt personality?

They want to take this country back to those days where only but a few will own our wealth. Do a quick addition of the bail out funds , pensions’ payment, the cost of paying about 500,000 Npower beneficiaries, cost of empowering thousands of trader and market moni beneficiaries, cost of feeding school children, cost of railways and roads executed by PMB, no matter how big the sum total is, it is not enough, in fact infinitesimal to what some of these few Nigerians use in having fun monthly while they were in office and presently.

If you can prove to me that the 16yrs of PDP without power, rail , good roads, quality agricultural plans and policies etc aren’t linked to the incompetence and corruption, I will give you clap for you.


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