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The recent spate of bomb attacks and other forms of violence against members of the APC in Edo State represents a brutal affront on the security of life and property.

Whereas the primary purpose of Government is the security and welfare of the citizens, it would appear in Edo State that this basic constitutional responsibility of government has been totally abandoned with the blatant acquiescence of the authorities over the reckless and incessant attacks on officials and members of APC in Edo State.
Under normal circumstances no responsible government will tolerate in the least without the slightest concern the spate of attacks on political opponents within the ruling party in a state that has hitherto enjoyed some modicum of peace.

The situation in Edo State therefore behoves on the security agencies to rise up to the challenge of securing the lives and properties of helpless citizens from the hands of criminal elements who have taken their insidious enterprise to an intolerable level.

From the attack on Barrister Henry Idahagbon, a former Attorney General of the State to the bomb blasts in the respective residences of Chief Francis Inegbeniki, Comrade Osakpamwan Eriyo and the most recent Engr Lawrence Okah, State APC Scribe it is disheartening that no attempt has been made to provide some explanation as to the cause and characters behind these dastardly acts.
Bearing in mind that no meaningful development can occur in an atmosphere of chaos , it is therefore incumbent on government at every level to reassess the security situation in Edo State with a view to ensuring that lives and property are protected.

Former Deputy Governor
Edo State


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