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For country battling bad press issues ranging from internet fraud to bad leaders and corruption, an act of rape from any quarterb should be highly condemned.

When in the morning of Thursday, 29th August 2019, unisex fashion designer and popular aphrodisiac seller, Adunni went to make deliveries to her customers somewhere in Ibadan, little did she know that the day was going to be a long one.

After running her deliveries for the day, and with nothing to do at home for the rest of the day, she called her supposed online friend, Caleb, who she remembered stayed around the area ( and had been asking to see her.

He seemed cool, responsible and level-headed all through the time they conversed on Whatsapp, or so she thought.

He picked her call, confirming he was at home and she was free to come visit.

She had hardly spent 5 minutes in his company when he began forcing himself on her, unhooking her bra and touching other parts of her body even as she fought him off desperately.

Adunni narrates her ordeal in these screenshots:

When further confronted with the voicenotes below, he went ahead to block her on Instagram.



So we did a background check on Caleb and here’s what we found out:

Full names: Caleb Akinola Temitope

Mobile Number: 08139229399

Instagram Handle: CuddyCay

Higher Institution Attended: University of Osun

Course: Political Science and International Relations

Here are some of his pictures:

And in the spirit of fairness, we reached out to him personally to hear his own side of the story:

But characteristic of someone who is guilty, he read all the messages we sent, refused to say a word and went on to put his account on private.

In all, we want him to own up to his misdeed, apologize publicly and seek forgiveness from those he has offended as Adunni might not be the only victim of his rapist tendencies.

If he feels all that has been said above are lies, and wants to go ahead to deny these facts, we request he seeks redress via all legal channels.



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