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By AB Raham.

Given the circumstances of a global pandemic rocking the world today, the harsh effects and consequences on mankind, has remained immeasurable, as it has impacted negatively in all sphere of human endeavour especially the economy which has remained partially grounded as the flu-like diseases continues to linger.

Edo state, as a geographical location on the planet, is however not free of its own toll, presented by the virus, with the state officially put, to have recorded a solid number of 9 cases, which is gradually putting fear in the minds of the people, on what lays in stock for them, in the face of this global threat.

At such points in time, given the prevailing situation, confusion on the part of government and other critical parastatals tasked with resolving the downward trend poised by such disease outbreaks, can only be said to be a normal phenomenon. Which then requires the joint efforts of all, to combat the situation in unity.

However, while some have adopted this period, as a perfect time to stay away from contact with humanity, either as a result of government directive to remain indoors, or through personal choices, there are still good spirited individuals, who have identified the serious threats posed to mankind, by this disease, especially those in same entity, as they are, which has prompted them to take proactive measures.

Dr. Pius Odubu, a front line aspirant under the A.P.C, in the Edo 2020 guber polls, who is also a former deputy governor of the state, is one of the few, who has identified this battle against COVID-19, to be one too big for the government to handle alone. This realisation coupled with the good spirited nature of the front line aspirant, has caused him to employ several proactive measures, during this period.

Since Dr. Pius Odubu, joined hands to contribute his much needed and appreciable quota in curtailing the spread of COVID-19, several measures put in place by him, cuts across the creating of awareness among the Edo people, through multiple radio jingles, in radio stations broadcasting to listeners across Edo and beyond. Also, he has earlier commenced the distribution of hand sanitizers and crucial relief materials, that can foster the imbibing of personal hygiene which has become paramount this period.

Still willing to offer more, out of his desire to be proactive at all times leadership is put to test, Dr. Pius Odubu, is still poised to keep up the currently established several laudable initiatives, and also committed to bring into play, newer measures, that can help send the message further to the Edo people on how to prevent the spread of the virus.

Dr. Pius Odubu, is one, who has never taken a back seat, when the need arises for responsibilities to be shouldered, especially when it concerns, the well being of the Edo people, irrespective of social strata, or any other human accessment index. Indeed, without mincing words, it can be adjudged or unequivocally stated, that the person of Dr. Pius Odubu, is that which is expected of a true leader, whose leadership abilities, would be much needed in Edo state, this time, and the next coming years.


…Together we can win the fight against COVID-19.

AB Raham is a member of Dr. Pius Odubu media team.


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