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Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Agency (LNSA), Lagos Divisional Representative, Hon. Ishola Laguda has directed operatives of Lagos Neighbourhood Safety Corps (LNSC) in the division to adhere strictly to government directives on COVID-19.

He gave the directive through a virtual message to operatives in the division as part of efforts to ensure that the second wave of COVID-19 as been cautioned by the Lagos State government does not derail the duties of LNSC.

The board member stressed that LNSC operatives are part of essential service providers who don’t have the luxury of working from home and such must endeavour to protect themselves from the virus.

Hon Ishola Laguda noted that the second wave of the dreaded virus is imminent and it is imperative for citizens to ensure that they follow all government protocols in curtailing and containing the spread of the novel virus.

He directed that henceforth, all LNSC operatives in the division must maintain good personal hygiene, wash hands frequently, maintain social disctance and always make use of their face masks and other personal protective equipment.

The divisional representative added that as a security outfit with safety as part of it’s core objectives, it behoves on it’s operatives to not only protect themselves but also protect others.

He further directed that LNSC operatives in the division should henceforth make use of face masks as part of their official dressing adding that any operative who disregard this directive will face necessary disciplinary action .

Hon. Ishola Laguda also directed Provosts and Divisional Monitoring Team to move round the division in order to enforce the directive.

He enjoined Corps Officers in all LG/LCDAs to ensure strict compliance with the directive and ensure that all government protocols are adhered to so as to ensure COVID-19 does not spread among it’s operatives.


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