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…says PDP’s corruption in Edo cannot be forgotten

Former member of the House of Representatives and APC stalwart in Edo state, Hon. E.J. Agbonayinma, has called on the governor of Rivers State and chairman of the PDP campaign council in Edo state, Nyesom Wike, to guard his utterances and stop issuing violent threats regarding the upcoming elections.

This, he said, on Tuesday during an interview on Democracy Today, a political programme on AIT.

“Wike is not from Edo state. We are from Edo state and we know our people, we are peacemakers. But the way the governor of Rivers state is talking, it’s as if we are going to war or maybe he’s bringing war to Edo. In Edo, we don’t want war, we just want elections.”

Responding to a question about Governor Obaseki’s performance, Agbonayinma stated that whatever achievements have been recorded during his tenure should be credited to the APC, as he enjoyed maximum support from stakeholders at both the federal and state levels.

“Whatever Obaseki has done has been with the support of APC leaders; it has always been APC people advising him to do the needful and whatever he did can be credited to APC. Now, he has gone to a party that failed miserably. The PDP brought us to where we are in this country today. The problems we are facing, the corruption that has eaten this country deeply, was created by PDP both nationally and in Edo state.”

He further added that he and Obaseki were senior aides to former governor Oshiomhole and no one can deny that Oshiomhole’s tenure ushered in unprecedented development in the state.

“Let me ask you, before the governor of Edo left APC for PDP, was he not the governor? Myself and the current governor were senior aides to former governor Oshiomhole. Governor Obaseki can ascertain and tell everybody that Oshiomhole did excellently well beyond reasonable doubt, and that nobody can compete. Go to Edo specialist hospital, there is no hospital built by the government anywhere else in Nigeria that can be compared to it.”

He urged the people of Edo state to make a wise choice at the polls come September.


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