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The PDP campaign council has engaged the services of a former Nigerian High Commissioner to Canada to reach out to the embassies of the US, UK and EU to meet and discredit the elections citing the violence recorded in Anambra, Rivers, Lagos and Kogi States as reasons.

It is further reported that US Embassy has agreed to call a meeting of the diplomatic corps to adopt this position. Pressure is also being mounted on domestic observers (funding) and international monitors (external anti-PMB agenda) to toe the line and change their narrative.

Immediately this diplomatic pronouncement is achieved on Monday, PDP plans Venezuela-like protests in Abuja and selected Nigerian cities.

It seems from sources that the US Embassy is at the forefront of this and related observers like NDI and IRI may be the first to toe this line, even though their PVT confirms clearly overwhelming wins for PMB and APC in the North and West, with better than 2015 showing in South East and South South.


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