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The state’s agricultural policy has been geared towards National Food Security and Nutrition which in line with that of Federal Government.

At inception, 170 000 small holder farmers were registered to benefit from the Growth Enhancement Support Scheme. ₦1 billion naira commercial credit facilities scheme was extended to viable farmers.

15,000 metric tonnes of assorted fertilisers for the 2015 cropping season was procured and this has subsequently been increased in 2016, 2017 and 2018 sold to farmers at subsidized rate.

In addition, 5,100 liters of liquid fertiliser (1,700 litres each of NPK, Urea and Boron); 48.9mt of certified seeds (42.5mt of rice for 10 Production Clusters and 6.4mt of sorghum for 7 Production Clusters) and 2300 litres of herbicides (1800 litres of Touchdown and 500 litres of solitor) were procured and distributed to farmers annually for the past three years.

New tractors have been purchased and 32 old ones and 4 Heavy Duty Equipment have been repaired to facilitate farm mechanization. Agricultural extension service delivery was overhaul through the provision of financial and logistics support to Agriculture and Mechanization Development Authority to the tune of ₦100 million naira.

The Government has also encouraged and facilitated all year round farming activities which has invariably increased output. Irrigation channels constructed to facilitate that.

Farmers in the State are now smiling to the banks. Niger State is now competing as the leading rice producer in the country all thanks to the leadership foresight of Gov. Abubakar Sani Bello.




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