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When a video surfaced on the social media space of Honorable Chika Adamu ranting away in the Green Chamber and spewing venom at His Excellency, Governor Abubakar Sani Bello, many advised that words should not be wasted responding to him because Hon. Chika is no more than a dishonest clown who should not be taken seriously.

Those who advised said that the bitter man is ranting simply because his constituents sacked him, or how else should it be explained that he only after losing his re-election bid that he realized the Governor is not performing?

I, however, took it upon myself to make a little research so perhaps I would understand the man. After a few phone calls I found out that the man is unpopular and in fact once had his car burnt by the people he represent.

My friend who is the honorable’s constituent told me the man is no more than a benchwarmer in the House who relocated to Kaduna since 2015 to distance himself from his people.

He failed to use his legislative powers for anything, sponsored no bills, could not even lobby for a dam for his constituency and has no significant constituency project to his name.

This man wrote a letter a couple of years ago saying he was not going to re-contest. What changed? He even went further to accuse the green chamber as a place without integrity just for him to shamelessly turned to the same house to seek sympathy for his failure.

From everything I gathered, I saw that Hon. Chika’s integrity is low and his dedication to duty is hardly average. The only thing he has in high degree is thirst to cling to power.

Governor Bello has stayed neutral throughout the primary elections. So why does Hon. Chika hold Gov. Bello responsible for his defeat? What reward did he expect for his incompetence? Did he expect that Lolo would disrupt a process to impose him upon the people? Is that why he is now behaving like the proverbial fowl that scatters where he is not allowed to eat?

But we are in a democracy, and even incompetent malcontents have a right to ask questions and criticize the executive or any arm of the government they see fit.

As an assistant to the governor, it is my job to respond to some of the issues Hon. Chika raised. From what I saw of the video, the Hon. Chika raised a number of issues; among them is that His Excellency was reluctant to visit Bida after a fire incidence that happened earlier this year.

It is on record that after the Bida fire incidence, a number of members accompanied the Governor to Bida to sympathize with the people, and our Hon. Chika was among those who were absent. It is no wonder he remembers the event differently and narrates it falsely.

Further, our Honorable spoke of the tour of 25 Local Government Area of Niger State, and here he accused the Governor of failing to tour the 25 LGAs of Niger State.

Here, let us set the record straight: no Governor in the history of Niger State has carried out a tour of 25 LGAs until Governor Abubakar Sani Bello.

His Excellency did this from ward to ward and not the usual town hall meetings where Governors meet with the people only at local governments headquarters, he did this just to have an on the-spot assessment of the situation himself.

Every Nigerlite who knows anything knows this. Is it bitterness that has so blinded Hon. Adamu Chika or the fact that he relocated to Kaduna?

In my article titled Lolo and His Critics, published in the center spread of Leadership Newspaper on 16|07|2018, I explained that because a project is expensive does not follow that the project will add value to the lives of the state. I stated further a wise Governor should always place what the people need above what the people want. I will beg Hon. Chika to find this article and read it so he would understand that building/renovating over 600 Basics Schools as Lolo has done, renovating about 9 premier schools, with construction of new staff quarters(all furnished) for each of them, training over 2000 youths in modern farming as lolo has done, constructing 576km rural roads as Lolo has done, procuring and distributing 130 new tractors as Lolo has done, providing farmers with 300, 000 bags of fertilizers as Lolo has done, overhauling waterworks in Bida, Minna, Kontagora, Suleja and Chanchanga as Lolo has done is better than building a single 3 billion naira overhead bridge and inviting the President to come down to Minna to commission it. Ths is not a circus, and unlike Adamu Chika, Abubakar Sani Bello is not a showman. In Niger State we have more pressing issues than building gigantic structures when little ones have been left to collapse.


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