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By Joseph Odok PhD Esq

SUDDENLY we have stopped hearing “Fulani Herdsmen” in the media…. So also will all other sponsored propaganda against Buhari. All other Propaganda that were maliciously targeted to demarket Buhari’s candidacy and allow for the return back of criminals will soon end before 2019 elections. The Coalition for Buhari/Osinbajo Movement and it’s media and Strategic Communication Department will continue to engage Nigerians until the truth about the integrity of President Buhari is sustained and Buhari is voted back in 2019.

These are the possible reasons why the media blackmail that painted Buhari as encouraging Fulani Herdsmen killing have suddenly been buried after the emergence of Atiku as the PDP Presidential candidate

1. The FG is working very well on Security

2. Biased media houses don’t want to mention ‘Fulani Herdsmen’ again because of the Atikulated Fulani Presidential Candidate

3. The exposure of the real killers in Benue state killings as aides to Governor Ortom and Gabriel Suswam. The boys fingered as the major men behind Benue killings are: Tashiaku, Dayen and Ghana. These are not Fulani men but aides to politicians

4. Atiku, David Mark, and Ortom are the highest owners of cows in Benue not Buhari; They are all in PDP. Talking about Herdsmen killing in Benue will implicate PDP so the media that was paid to champion the propaganda of Fulani Herdsmen will invariably indict PDP. The sponsors of the propaganda have suddenly stopped funding the media campaigns

5. Atiku needs the Fulani votes so orchestrating a negative and malicious blackmail against the Fulani will work against his ambition; therefore it must stop immediately.

6. Boron killings formed the propaganda on Herdsmen killings in Plateau. With the discoveries in the Plateau pond and the killing of Major Akali, the Baron people using the cloak of Fulani Herdsman to kill are now uncovered. It is common knowledge today that the Baron killers of Major Akali have engaged 120 lawyers to defend the alleged killers of major Akali. Politicians and even some pastors that led the media campaign of Fulani Herdsmen killings are amongst those arrested

7. There are serious insinuation that, some men in the Taraba government are equipping armed militia groups. The army have destroyed some camps, these camps are not owned by Fulani Herdsmen but politicians especially those in Government

8. The immigration and custom officers have tightened the borders and have been seizing arms purchased by politicians who’s stock in trade is to kill for political reasons

Baba 4+4=8

Joseph Odok
Director Media and Strategic Communication, Coalition for Buhari/Osinbajo Movement COBOM



I'm a Strategic Communications Expert with over 9 years industry experience. I own and; a widely published writer and a fluctuating Graphics Designer

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