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The Kwara State government says it has paid the sum of N4.46billion under the State Infrastructure Development Fund (IF-K) to contractors for work completed.

This was published in the December 2016-2017 edition of the IF-K inaugural management report.

The report noted that prior to the establishment of IF-K, the shortfall on 62 existing projects was N9.75billion out of which the state government had paid N4.46billion representing 43.4% of the N4.97billion verifiable debt to the contractors.

It added that the balance of N516.6million will be paid in no time in order to bring the the projects to full payment.

The report further stated that the commitment of the State government under the leadership of Governor Abdulfatah Ahmed to pay the debt met the mandate for which the Fund was established, which was to pay pay off all existing debt on completion of work done.

Some of the projects paid for across the three senatorial districts of the state include: KWASU College of Engineering building phase 1, construction of Ilesha Baruba-Gwanara road, construction of Chikanda-Kosubosu section 1 and construction of Arobadi Maigida road.

In Kwara South, some of the projects are; construction of Oloro palace road, rehabilitation of Offa Ipee road, rehabilitation of Oko bridge, construction of Oniju street Babanloma, construction of Eruku township road, construction of Arandu Rore – Ipetu Aran Orin road and rehabilitation of Anilelerin/Agun/Ita Erin road, Offa.

While in Kwara Central, projects include channelization network of Ita Alamu village, construction of Akerebiata -Sango road, rehabilitation of Aduralere-Isale koko Ojagboro, engineering design of Geri-Alimi underpass bridge project, rehabilitation of Henry George-Agbo-Oba road, rehabilitation of Fate roundabout to Agric round about, Ilorin and Project Alpha: repositioning of State media houses.



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