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As our democratic leaders today clocks five years in office,the need to put them on a score card is inevitable hence a launch on an opinion poll to x-ray the achievements of Senator Atiku Bagudu the Governor of Kebbi State five years on the throne.

A group of youth in Nassarawa area Birnin Kebbi has this to say : I will not mention my name but the five years of Bagudu on the saddle of governance is good particularly in the agricultural sector though not without hitches honestly he has performed wonderfully well, the anchor borrowers program without doubt gave employment to nearly 2 m unemployed youths in the state,who accessed the loans made available and fully utilized it “. In public service, the group said civil servants in the state are grossly indebted to the governor for his prompt payments of salaries no matter what, according to them what is most fascinating is the fact that at a time of lockdown due to Covid -19 when other governors cut workers salaries he paid Kebbi workers full salaries on time.



In Kola town a surbub of Birnin kebbi some few kilometers from the state capital were full of praises for the governor for the all important road that fully connected them to the state capital. One of the ilites of the state, Malam Mashayabo said what they have for Bagudu are pervent prayers to succeed more in the art of governance,the traditional head of the village who shy to be interviewed said the governor is their unsong hero for the new road constructed in their village linking them to other communities and the major towns along the route . He said the road had eased their transportation problems and as well boosted economic activities in the village as they now conviently transport local rice and livestock to the state main market.

At kola town a visit was paid to the house of district head of Kola Alhaji Hassan Bashar (DND) , in his words “myself and the people Kola town are pleased with the road constructed from Badariya area in Birnin Kebbi to Kola town which has also linked to Bulasa village ‘.

He averred ‘ one of the importance of the road is that it is used to conveniently move patients to urban hospitals for proper medical attention, it has also made it easy for commuters and petty traders and farmers to convey goods and farm products to the city”.

A member of the opposition party names witheld commended the governor for prompt payment of salaries but stressed that other sectors needed more attention of the governor as well

Usman Haruna from Kalgo said he has no reason to criticise the governor because he can put food on the table for his family and he can sleep with his two eyes closed because the peaceful nature of the state which the governor had ensured .He also applauded his handling of the coronovirus saying that the partial lockdown down the state alone was a great foresight, saying ” if the governor had closed down the state, alot of people would have died of hunger, as far iam concern his five years were full of development , he only need to add to what he is doing in the education sector “.

In the political space feelers are of the view that the governor has an edge by uniting the members of the ruling APC in the state. Bello Suleiman was of the view that the governor is silently turning around the fortunes of the state political into one party state because of his political wisdom and culculation. He however suggested to the governor to give attention to tourism by exploring the numerous tourism potentials of the state, ” if tourism is accorded the deserved attention can fetch the state huge billions and will also attract millions of jobs to teaming Kebbi youths”, he said.

In the power sector, people of Kebbi state need not to be told what governor Bagudu did and is still doing, against all odds Kebbi State government maintains a steady power supply not only in the state capital but across the state especially in major towns like Zuru and Yauri that were hitherto not enjoying steady power supply now smiles with steady electricity supply .
Many youths and artisans have been provided with gainful employment like welding and other metal as well as enterprenure jobs and a host of others

In the social sector, his able wife Doctor Zainab Shinkafi Bagudu is without doubt a mother to the motherless, her footprints in humanitarian services are still being felt,aside her cancer initiative which also touched many positively in terms of prevention and management of the disease, Doctor Bagudu went out of her way to improve the capacity of youths particularly the female gender through skills acquisition. No fewer than five thousand women across the state benefited from her training and empowerments alot of her beneficiaries are now employers of labour in Kebbi State



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