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The political dynasty of president of the Senate, Bukola Saraki in Kwara state in swimming in troubled waters as a prominent traditional rulers in the state have withdrawn support for the People’s Democratic Party governorship candidate in the state, Razak Atunwa.

This development is coming amidst the growing popularity of the governorship candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq and the “masses political revolution’’ against the Senate President with a fiery slogan of O TO GE which literary means “Enough is Enough.”

Saraki, in a bid to curry support for his political godson ahead of the March 6 governorship election knowingly duly well that he will be testing his popularity without federal power influence has been having secret meetings with Emirs in the state to seek for their support for his candidate.

Sources said Saraki has resort to buying the Emirs gifts and promising them Political Post if they support and his candidate emerged victorious at the polls.

A close associate of the Senate President who pleaded anonymity, however revealed the senate president faced stif oppositions in one of such meetings held on the 8th January.

Saraki, the source said had promised the Emirs mainly from Kwara North which include those of Pategi, Tsonga, Tsaragi, Kaiama in attendance the post of the secretary to the State Government and Hydro-Electric Power Producing Areas Development commission (HYPADEC). He however declined them the request for a ministerial position if the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) forms the government at the centre.

The Emirs will however have none of Saraki’s promises as they were said to have the complained bitterly about his untrustworthiness to fulfil promises as it has become an election routine to always plead for their region votes.

A particular Emir was reported to have voiced out a failed promise of Governorship ticket promised which the Senate President has said would be given to Kwara North.

The inside source also spoke of another Emir who confronted Bukola Saraki aggressively that his words are political statement that cannot be relied on. He lamented that even the appointments will always go to saraki’s agents which won’t be beneficial to the masses of kwara north but saraki’s alone.

The last Emir that spoke to Saraki according to the inside source was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. His words were believed to have infuriated bukola Saraki when he told him that If the All Progressive congress wins the election, his promises then becomes weightless.

The traditional ruler was believed to have considered the soaring popularity and acceptability of the APC Governorship candidate across the land.

Shortly after the war of words at the meeting which reportedly held at Saraki’s residence, the Emirs were said to have walked out in anger and all efforts to get them back into the meeting proved abortive.


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