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Up‘ was released on Feb 5, 2021, by the American rapper Cardi B from her upcoming studio album. Up is Cardi B’s follow-up music since the raunchy hit track ‘WAP’ dropped in 2020.  The Single was released through Atlantic Records.

The single dropped alongside a colourful video that opens up on Cardi B as a grieving widow in a sexy black outfit. She walked on stamping her Louboutins on a statue. The placard reads “RIP 2020 “ which is a kiss-off that is quite relatable, judging from how 2020 went down. The video sees a number of sleek outfits and locations and hot women as expected. Cardi B was seen swapping tongues with other hot women in a giant silver oyster and flashing a vibrator while licking her lips.

According to Cardi B, she wanted this to be a “hood song” as opposed to her last track that was “too sexy”. In her words “I  wanted to do something more gangsta, more cocky.” The track has a catchy chorus line;

If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck

If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck, huh (Ayy)

Up, then it’s up, if it’s up, then it’s stuck (Huh)

If it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s up, then it’s stuck, huh (Woo)

Overall, Up is a tight track with many scenes to obsess over and many quotable lines. Cardi B went off taunting bitches whose breath smells like horse sex calling her ugly but their boyfriends trying to seduce her. Up is a characteristic track of Cardi’s way of spitting self-assurance.

Up is the second track from Cardi B’s highly anticipated sophomore album. The album is due for this year as a follow-up to her debut album, Invasion of Privacy.

Watch the video and enjoy the song here.


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