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As a stepping stone to strengthen the capacity of the State Health care delivery systems, Hon. Jafar Muhammad the Honourable Commissioner of Health Kebbi State alongside Dr. Shehu Nuhu Koko the Director of Medical Services Kebbi State Ministry of Health paid a courtesy visit to the National Hospital Abuja on 23rd June 2020.

Hon. Jafar said to update health educational development in the State, there is a need to find a way, to work together formally by signing an MOU with the National Hospital to bridge the gaps in the State’s Health sector.


Dr. Jaf Momoh the Chief Medical Director CMD National Hospital acknowledged the presence of the visiting team. He said that the team mission is a welcome development to already existing mutual relationship between the Governor and Wife of the Governor of Kebbi State.

He enumerated various career development programmes that the State Government can key in within priority areas such as: Post Graduate trauma Training, Oncology Nursing, Neprology Nursing and other Residency programmes.
Already, an informal and cordial relationship exists with the state as 4 intensive care nurses were trained as an emergency preparatory measure at the peak of Covid 19 crisis.
Dr. Aisha Umar Director Medical & Clinical Services CMAC who proceeded to take the team round.

The CMAC led the team to the Trauma centre. The Kebbi State team met with the various Heads of units at the trauma conference room who gave brief overview of their units and the training programmes both short and long-term undergone in the prestigious institution.

Dr. Shehu Bello Koko emphasised the Governor’s need to strengthen the health care delivery system in the State by improving human capacity. He commended the management for the impactful training given to the nurses sent during the covid 19 situation.

The Unit Heads gave a brief course breakdown:
1. Nursing Unit runs a yearly post basic nursing school. (Umar Aliyu – Heads of Nursing Trauma.)

2 . The Anesthetics Unit train post graduate doctors and Anesthetic technicians trained and retained in the hospital. Hands on training in Intensive care.
(Dr. Osazuwa – Heads of Anesthesia)

3. The Peadiatrics and Neonatal Unit carries out a hands on practical exposure training for nurses and short posting for doctors
(Dr. Mairami – Heads of Peadiatrics)

4. The health records unit runs an ICT health record keeping to enhance quality data collection.
(Mr. Razak Adiyu – Heads of Medical Health Records)

5. The unit runs a functional dialysis Centre to treat kidney diseases either renal dialysis, transplant and other mode of treatment for patients. Nurses are trained on short courses afterwards go on full term courses. The have a robust unit to send medical officers for training.
(Dr. Galadanci – Heads of Internal Medicine.)

6.Dr. Kamaldeen Jimoh, a Consultant Radiologist also reiterated the need to have a second phase ( after 2years) of radiology training for medical officers across the state.

At the end of the briefs, both team agreed to having a brochure listing courses offered, the duration and requisite criterion whilst the other party ensured to draft an MOU capturing all facets of the Hospital programmes.

A few pictures were taken as Dr. Aisha Umar led the entire team on a tour to the Trauma ICU, Bronx Unit, Theatres, Wards and Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit.


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