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Choices are rights but that doesn’t mean they can’t be either good or bad.
Personally, I take a deep approach to my choice of leaders because their actions and inactions affect the way I live directly and indirectly.

My right to choose doesn’t obviate the responsibility of making a right choice.

I think what some Nigerians aren’t doing is really taking a painstaking look at the responsibility attached to their right to choose.

I have also seen how many now try desperately to undermine the calamitous effect of corruption. We shouldn’t.

For every kobo taken from healthcare infrastructure, millions of Nigerians died.

For every kobo taken from road infrastructure, millions of Nigerians died, went hungry, lost education and business opportunities etc.

We cannot overstate the cost of goes beyond figures.

I look around me and I see dilapidated Government buildings, I see decayed infrastructure. Being an adult, I have a good grasp of cause and effect.

I know for a fact that UCH and LUTH weren’t brand new hospitals 4 years ago…I know the roads that we complain about now (the ones that are yet to be touched by the finisher in chief cum Mr projects) weren’t completed roads 4 years ago.

They all were destroyed by the same people telling us they now have a plan.

I now see fathers and mothers who were rendered useless, turned into economic refugees by a nonchalant, unconscientous, predatory profit driven regime being catered to after decades of neglect.

I now see infrastructure projects, social safety net programs, determined war against corruption.

I will never ever choose those who took part in the brutal rape of our country, no matter how sleek they package their message.

I will not suspend my THINKING and be bamboozled by their deceitful and illusory sweet sounding mantra of getting Nigeria to work again.

Nigeria never worked and they are completely liable for it.

They will never get my vote…they will always get my condemnation.



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