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Launches The Dependables Cartoon Series

Youths in the country have been urged to adopt the progressive mind-set which includes being a forward thinker and thinking outside the box.

The Osinbajo Progressives League, OPL, gave this charge while addressing students of Osogbo Government High School, State of Osun on Tuesday.

This is even as OPL also launched The Dependables cartoon series, a ten episodes cartoon series highlighting the achievements of the President Muhammadu Buhari.

The first episode deals extensively with the economic gains made so far under the administration. There is also an episode on infrastructure, power, social investment programmes among others.

The Dependables Cartoon Series is targeted at youths within the age range of 18 and 24.

According to the convener of the group, Mr Kikiowo Ileowo, the idea behind the series is to awaken ideological consciousness in our youths.

In his speech, Ileowo urged the students to think about what to invent that can solve the problems of the society in any way rather than reinventing the wheel.

His words, “Look for the problem you can solve in your school, society and country at large, don’t think your ideas are too small, think about the impact it will make. Progressives look for solutions to problems of the society.”

Speaking on The Dependables, he noted that the cartoon features two super heros who epitomizes progressive ideas. The super heroes, SUPER B and PROF Y are seen in the first episode which deals on the economy, attacking a recession ‘battle ship’ that was wreaking havoc in the country.

“We are taking our message to all secondary and tertiary institutions in south west Nigeria. Our audience are youth between the ages of 18-24. We want to show them what it means to be progressive, we want to show them how progressive solve problems in the society.” Mr. Ileowo said in a chat with journalists after the event.

Also speaking, Mr Mustapha Ahmed reiterated Ileowo’s stance, imploring the students to think outside the box, to be selfless and most importantly to be Progressive minded.

Earlier, Ibraheem Wasiu highlighted the goals of progressives which he says are economic reforms, social welfare, effectiveness and proficiency, moral values, instituting order and economic reform.

He added that the core values of OPL are Order, Integrity, Opportunity, Responsibility, Cooperation and Freedom.


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