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Our Mining sector, like agriculture, is an old industry yet to be fully harnessed. The State of Osun has ample reserves of a variety of minerals, notably gold, lead/zinc, quartz, feldspar and several precious metals.



We occupy a unique place in the mining sector in Nigeria.


We are a mining State that hosts solid minerals. We are also a State that has invested in acquiring the licences for solid minerals under our land from the Federal Government.


No other state in Nigeria can offer the unique combination of both regulatory and commercial fusion.


We are a risk ready State with an appetite for enterprise and reward for winnings.


The State acquired 17 mining licenses for Gold – 10; Quarry – 4; Lead/Zinc – 2; and Quartz and Feldspar -1, from the Nigeria Mining Corporation, and we are willing to partner with interested local and foreign investors to develop these mineral resources.



Our policy for the mining sector is implemented and overseen by the Osun Solid Mineral Development Programme.



This programme commenced in June 2019, and has already achieved some encouraging milestones in its First Quarterly Report in 5 of the 7 intervention project areas of the programme.


The intervention areas are Osun/Omoluabi Mining Business Restructuring Scheme (OMBRS) to commercialise the state-owned mining company. Osun Revenue Diversification and Maximisation Scheme (ORDMS) is a scheme to register all miners, mines and mining equipment and report on all mining activities in the State in partnership with private sector technology partners.


We are happy to report that 9,000 artisanal miners have registered their biometric data on RFID-enabled tags with our technology partners.

With a strong technology component, this highlights one of the areas where deploying ICT can instantly impact governance and operations and improve productivity. Many more opportunities are available.



Miners’ Camp Capacity and Capital Project (MCCCP) is closely related to the ORDMS. Osun plans to partner with the private sector, development partners and the Federal Government to improve the living and working conditions as well as the productivity and capacity of artisanal miners. We are glad to inform you that Osun and Kebbi States are the pilot States chosen to test run the Presidential Artisanal Gold Mining Initiative (PAGMI) where artisans will be trained and supported.



We are also in the process of developing specialised vocational training and skills acquisition centre by using our existing nine (9) Technical Colleges infrastructure to deliver on this intervention. In our reforms, this is where Education meets Mining.

Osun Minerals Exchange and Value Addition Project (OMXVAP) is designed to create a proper bullion market in Osun that will enable minerals trading.



The government has received substantial interest from international bullion traders and banks to establish trading facilities near the mines as well as value addition relating to jewellery and lapidary services.



I am also happy to inform you that Osun recently executed an MOU with the renowned international mining firm – The Badger Mines – for the exploration and development of one of our mining titles with a signature bonus of a Hundred Million Naira (N100m) already paid.

Our mining governance sub-programme is designed to enhance mining security, accelerate legal and regulatory framework as well as Licencing Permits, Consents Approvals and Waivers, and a state coordination standing committee to mirror the Mineral Resources and Environmental Management Committee MIREMCO, which is the Federal Government oversight committee for rapid resolution of issues in the mining sector.

With a hundred Officers and Men for the combined security task force and over 20 vehicles and 27 Armoured Personnel Carriers, our Mining Security Project is up and running.



The measure of its success is by the sound of silence. If you don’t hear anything about insecurity, it means they are doing their job very well. Even if you hear about insecurity, the speed at which you stop hearing testifies to their effectiveness.



Osun is indeed safe for all.


Environmental Sustainability Project (ESP) is an issue that is integral to every mining activity, miner and community. The State is creating its own template with support from Development partners for Risk Assessment and Management.



We have indeed covered the entire mining value chain in the reform Programme.


The opportunities for you to key into the mining sector could not be clearer. And the State could not be more ready than now.


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