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IF , I could had seen feelings.

Stupidity wouldn’t have blindfolded me to catapult you to  lonely forest.

Even beauty of the world wondered about thy beauty.

Buh self  attitude refused to  halted my strange feelings.

IF , I could understood the vital role of beuty.

I would had worshipped and infused my heart into yours.

Cos bird had never disclaimed peacock beauty.

Buh mr ignorance compare yours to horse.

IF, I understood the depth concept of feeling.

My heart would had been spacious.

Cos it’s would had pave way for sincere love in.

Self life could had been sagacious.

IF, I could had filmed a beauty pageant.

Silliness could had stopped me from loveticide.

Asinine excuses had drove me into a lonely forest.

Oh Dear, man missed the beautiful tranquility side.

IF, I had seen disposal external love letters sent.

Art would have cajoled me to conpose love anthem severally.

My vibrant storing organs would have stored pleasant scent.

My feeling would have marshalled toward the precious heart severally.

Oh Dear, IF, I could have seen thy pitiful shoe.

I will have not allow external fillers in.

Surely, have put myself into thy shoe.

Who am I, without understanding thy feeling.


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