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Dramatising bad activities in our midst.

Sending us into slavery world .

Tormenting our female beings with stinky request.

This breaks our ladder to reach our precious world.


A sacred member of the society, we are.

Which will build the world without a knife.

We are the future which need precious care.

Because we are immature in the game of life.


Don’t deny us moral and western education.

Domestic violence in our midst,

And teaching our male folks a gangster education,

It’s a fire which will build our moral education to waste.

We plea; put bad act and immoralities on hold,

Because in our mind resides, a clean Gold.

That must shine and triumph with good morals.

Bad act is a door that must be sealed.

©️Muhammed roqeeb



I'm a Strategic Communications Expert with over 9 years industry experience. I own and; a widely published writer and a fluctuating Graphics Designer

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