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Walking alone with fears in the darkness.

Stamping on unpleasant irritating remnant.

Drench with numerous thoughts on ways,

To strike out from the unpleasant remnant.


Strike against unpleasant wishes with firm thoughts.

Of seeing a luminous pathways ahead.

In a jiffy, ignorance flies out because of the pleasant scent.

Indicating total nearness to the Divine Lord.


Indeed, Divine Lord created this luminous society with excellent love.

Because souls on luminous pathways welcomed me with sincere love.

Neglecting the stinky odour on my soul.

By presenting luminous water to rinzed my dirty pleasant soul.


The only bright society with luminous house.

Because it’s resident with Divine rules and calmness.

Now devilish ideas runs away because of my new luminous house.

Only luminous pathways allows nearness to Divine and peace.


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