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Mind plague, a scholar with dual action.

Creased with a million of lesson.

Serving dual hearts with dual action nutrition.

But underated by self maturity madness lesson.

By revealing dual identities of the scholar.


Scholar with different ribs of yielding and bravery.

Alone scholar residing in hopeful and hopeless hearts.

Dual hearts compulsorily fixed action on yielding and bravery.

Cos the fixed ribs are vital for dual hearts.

Cos each ribs script write level of determination.

Simply based on their useful purpose or action.


Hopeful hearts strife toward dual ribs of the scholar.

To concrete over peril hole.

Yieldness romancement with bravery reflects on determination.

Cos each scholar ribs script – write level of determination.

Bravery yielding warriors aid toward hopeful hearts with lot of success.

Turning optimistic mind to hopeful hearts.

August hearts copulates with the idea to improve success.


Hopeless hearts seek towards external rib with yieldness.

Reflecting on it’s nomenclature and eulogy.

Here hearts resemble unflow water with disgusting scent.

Never understand it’s usefulness when flows.

Like a sugar seal inside a container.

Hopeless strife toward the rib life partner.

Cos it’s an Energizer that boost determination.


I'm a Strategic Communications Expert with over 9 years industry experience. I own and; a widely published writer and a fluctuating Graphics Designer

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