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Dude, there you are, pondering about life.

Witnessing related and unrelated species mobile train of success.

Residing thy success in others sugar coated mind.

The sugar coated mind of imbalance and hopelessness.

Sucking thy aptitude like bird preying on worms.

Thy aptitude projected by Creator to re invigorate they strength.


Creator believed in thee and placed thee on limited contract.

With the aptitude to survive and reset fate.

Thy species brain, nature and trait imbalance redefine it hopeless.


Oh Dear, you are a player.

Resembling a player is a lie, Dear you are one.

Thy brain and cursor lies in the palm to discover thy club.

Traits imbalance and friends behaviours change the club.

From relegation to promotion or promotion to demotion.

Thy fate is destined to be, is a descent lie.

Because you select the path and thy style follows.


Not late Dear, emulate footballing process to redefine thy aptitude and style.

Study the football acting roles .

Let it flows and swims in that vein.

You are not a striker, neither midfielder nor a defender, but you are all.

Because you are player that produce and must achieve.

Keep or store thy lesson to encourage that hard work,style and strength.

Defend to avoid discouragement from friendly evils.

Feed the society with thy unlimited grace of hard work,style and strength.

Strike or kick to deliver the product of achievement.


Never relent because thee are the real player.

Discover thy time of progress and be sagacious.

Believe in life discipline motto base on experience and experiment.

Of which are strive, seek, find and zero yielding to obstacles.

Believe in thy self  and improve thyself. In order to step on a precious gold of achievement.


I'm a Strategic Communications Expert with over 9 years industry experience. I own and; a widely published writer and a fluctuating Graphics Designer

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