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Death lingers in the air,
Fathers afraid to lose their sons,
Mothers afraid to weep over daughters;
The unborn not sure to live.
The day feels like night,
And the night is even more darker,
Humanity at the brink of extinction,
Mankind seeks isolation.
The earth is been fed with carcass,
The vulture’s belly is never empty,
Our prayers have become like smoke,
Our fears have become our prayers.
Death is now the new economy,
Love is now a commodity,
Fellowship is a scarcity,
Loneliness is the new anthem.
We are at war,
Another breed of its kind,
A weapon unseen,
Viral and contagious is its characteristic.
Our breath needs filter,
Our immune is being tested,
Our hands have become poison,
Our trust is shaken.
Yes we are at war,
One with no ammunition,
A quiet one like the snail,
Even the ship has ceased to sail.
God has forsaken us,
Our world is mutating,
Rapture is here,
But the trumpet hasn’t  sounded.
The stocks are  falling,
Technology is advancing,
Obituary is the new mathematics,
Politics is the anti-christ.
Composed and written by Yinka Akindele


I'm a Strategic Communications Expert with over 9 years industry experience. I own and; a widely published writer and a fluctuating Graphics Designer

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