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The Media Inspection and Assessment tour of rural roads constructed and or rehabilitated by the Rural Access and Mobility Project (RAMP II) in Zone C, also provided opportunity for the Niger State Coordinator of the Project, Hassan Baba Etsu to interface with various Community-based Roads Maintenance Groups.

RAMP II had engaged over 200 persons constituted into several road maintenance cooperative groups for the routine maintenance of the infrastructure.

This innovation by RAMP II does not only allow the communities to take full ownership of the roads, but also gives part-time employment to their teeming youths.

For every rural road constructed and or rehabilitated, RAMP II pays N20,000 per kilometer, monthly for its maintenance. So, depending on the distance of the roads in their areas, some members of the maintenance cooperative groups can work on more kilometers and earn more money.

During the Media inspection and assessment visitation, the RAMP II Project Coordinator, Hassan Baba Etsu expressed satisfaction with their commitment to the work and charged them to sustain the tempo.

The Coordinator also directed the immediate payment of their outstanding allowances and assured that working tools will soon be supplied to those in need.

He also warned them against truancy stressing that those found not to be doing their work may either be replaced or have their allowances withheld.

Alhaji Hassan Baba Etsu said signposts with the names and phone numbers of members of the maintenance group and suggestion boxes have been erected at strategic positions along the roads for direct complaints by the road users or advice to RAMP directly.


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