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Allow me to take you back a bit.

Remember Akinwunmi Ambode, who then with no political clout, no political base, was chosen and backed by the entire party structure against a Jimi Agbaje, a heavy weight?

Remember, yea?

Well, you’ll also recall that Fashola campaigned and toured the state with him; singled-handedly literally running the campaign.

If you also remember, read of, or were at the rally in Ikorodu, then you’d know the amount of energy put behind the Ambode candidacy by the party- the APC.

Fashola then, literally took him round the state, imprinting his image in our minds and ensuring Jimi Agbaje, with all his Federal might at that time, was defeated.

Again, Babatunde Fashola, despite the beef between them (recall all the roforofo issues at that time), despite the fact that Mr. Supo Shasore, his preferred candidate, lost at the party’s primaries, yet he put the party first and ensured Ambode was successful.

Ambode rode, enjoyed and won based on the party structure.

And he changed…

Rather than acknowledged his predecessor, Fashola, who worked tooth and nail for him, he started a campaign of calumny against him; releasing documents to tarnish his image and what not.

He went after contractors, abandoned some projects and generally neglected the Lagos Master Plan started by Asiwaju Bola Tinubu.

Party elders intervened and tried calling him to order, but Ambode refused.

Uncle Ambode was out to ruin Fashola, the party and the Lagos Master Plan at all cost and there was no going back.

These are but few of the grievances the people of Lagos have against him:

– Ilubirin and Adiyan water works projects were abandoned.

– Odo-Iyalaro Waste Water Project & Mile2-Badagry projects nko? They suffered the same fate!

– Ambode removed Oladimeji Oresanya (LAWMA boss) to make road for his ineffective Visionscape team

– He went on to sack both LASAA and LAMATA bosses; disorganized LASEB, disorganized LAWMA, the state’s public works, and changed KAI to LAGESC in his egocentric overhaul!

– Ambode wasn’t through with the sacking frenzy, at least just yet; he extended the gesture to the Alausa Chaplain because his wife was not first to take Holy Communion!

Other atrocities of the Akinwunmi Ambode administration include:

– Increased Toll fees and property tax

– Treating electorates with disdain; no communication and accessibility

– Abandoning the Lagos Healthcare plan

– Dilapidated infrastructure everywhere across the state

– Unconcerned attitude to traffic gridlock in major parts of the state

– Sack of Lagos State Health Volunteers’ Scheme workers after five years of hardwork and volunteerism.

In all, Ambode refused to be calm and nobody could reach to advise him – he literally evolved to a demigod!

Till today, Lagos state is yet to provide land for National Housing project despite former Governor Fashola’s plea as Minister of Housing.

30 states have keyed into this plan and Lagos state is on the list. Ambode refused categorically, to give free land to the scheme!

Here you have it. The Akinwunmi Ambode you didn’t know!


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