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The entire media team of the amiable Dr. Surajudeen Basiru Ajibola, by sobriquet, SRJ, has described him, as diligent, determined, and quite energetic, to represent Osun Central at the senate, come, 2019.

This unarguable proclamation is borne out of the unceasing visitations of Dr. Basiru Ajibola to the local governments within the jurisdiction of Osun Central.

The visitation has commenced from a very long time, and there have been endorsements by party leaders, Party excos, and all recognised and dignitaries from the All Progressive Congress (APC).

Dr. Basiru Ajibola is symbolised with willpower, resoluteness, and resilient. His qualifications; Academically, Constitutionally, Morally, and Intellectually, is second to none in the race.

There have been continuous consultation with constituents, and part of the pacts he has with Osun Central, include, but, not limited to; sponsorship of beneficial bills, establishment of skills and vocational training centres across Osun Central Senatorial District, annual employability/career training/ job fair for graduates in the Senatorial District to ensure that graduates are not just qualified but employable.

Indeed, at this juncture, it is safe to conclude that Dr. Basiru Ajibola’s determination to take Osun Central to an enviable height remains Unshakable!

Afolabi Abdulmalik O.


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