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Brian Ballard of Ballard Partners – a veteran Florida lobbyist who raised money for Trump’s campaign and inauguration – the company is expected to help in ensuring the success of Abubakar as Nigeria’s president in 2019 general election. The firm will earn $90,000 monthly (N31.5 million) for its services.

The contract which is expected to last for a year will cumulatively fetch the firm a sum of N400 million (above $1 million) at the end of the period.

According to a published copy of the contract, Ballard Partners will advocate for the Client before the U.S. government including, but not limited to, enhancement of U.S.-Nigerian relations; strengthening and advancing democratic values and the rule of law in Nigeria, with a special focus in the coming months on maintaining political and security conditions free of intimidation and interference in order to ensure the success and fairness of Nigeria’s national election for president in 2019.
“This contract is entered into between the Peoples Democratic Party of Nigeria (“the Client”), Plot l970 Michael Okpara Street, Wuse Zone 5, Abuja, and Ballard Partners, Inc. (“the Firm”), 601 13th Street NW, Suite 450N, Washington, D. C. 20005,” the agreement read. A former Nigeria Aviation minister, Osita Chidoka signed the contract on behalf of the PDP.

“It shall be the Client’s duty to provide the Firm the information necessary to best represent the Client. It shall also be the Client’s duty to timely compensate the Firm for its services.

According to the contract, the firm will also be expected to strengthen democratic values in the West African nation, maintain secure conditions in Nigeria during elections.

“It shall be the Firm’s duty to consult with the Client and advocate on its behalf those issues the client deems necessary and appropriate before the U.S. Federal government.”

Ballard is closer to the U.S. president than perhaps any other lobbyist in town, writes the online news site Politico.

“He’s parlayed that relationship into a booming business helping clients get their way with the Trump administration — and his clients and even some of his rivals say his firm has a better grasp of what’s going on in the West Wing than almost anyone else,” the online magazine said in October in a report.


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