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World Bank umuguma road is gradually coming back to life after many years of neglect by the past administrations, it’s reconstruction started few months ago and it is close from been completed , thanks to Gov Hope Uzodimma for its road revolution accros within the state.

The road, before the shared prosperity goverment came on board , was at its worse state as residents of the area hardly ply the road during rainy season without grumbling of neglect by the state government.

At no time had motorists and residents passed that route without either visiting hospital or mechanic workshop due to the sorry state of the road.

As of today, anybody plying the road would readily attest that indeed Gov Hope Uzodimma mean business as the road is in it’s best state giving the level of engineering works done on it .

At the moment, from control down to umuguma axis have received considerable attention, as stone base , standard gauge and asphalting has taken place.

According to the contractors Rodo resources handling the road project, prior before they where awarded the reconstruction of the road, “the road has been a mess , when it rains, no body goes out for weeks until the water dries off,but since the reconstruction commenced, issues of flooding has been taken care of”.

Gov Hope Uzodimma through its 3R mantra has Left no one in doubt that the world Bank Umuguma road that Links owerri municipal and Owerri west are of priority to his administration and would do everything within it’s powers to give the people Sense of belonging.



By the time the road is completed it will boast of solid hard concrete drainages that will stand the test of time.

The world bank – umuguma road is now a well manicured road network with standard measurements, materials and when completed would return the world bank axis of Owerri to the commercial hub it use to be .

Without much noise, Gov Hope Uzodimma is matching words with action that Imo will be a state where the commonwealth is shared by all, through various sectors.




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