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Text of Speech Delivered by His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni of Yobe State on the Occasion of Signing into Law the 2020 Finance and Appropriation Bills at WAWA Hall, Government House Damaturu on Monday 30th December 2019

Wa Sallallahu Ala Nabiyul Karim

Assalamu Alaikum

We gather here today at a time of great promise for our state. As we look to the New Year with the hope and determination to make it the year of Yobe’s socio-economic renewal, let me welcome all our dignitaries and guests who have joined us here today for the signing of the 2020 Finance and Appropriation Bills.

As you know, our budget is more than a collection of numbers or some statistics. It is our compass about where we are and where we want to go. It is a statement of our values – about the issues that are significant and integral to improving the lives of our people.

So, what we are doing here today is more than a ceremony. It is the first concrete step we are taking to continue along the trajectory of socio-economic development on which our state currently moves and consolidate on the gains we have made.

This was exactly the reason that on 13th November 2019 while presenting the 2020 Finance and Appropriation Bills on the floor of the State Assembly for deliberation and consideration, I named the 2020 Budget as the ‘Budget of Continuity and Consolidation’. I said its goal is to build on the momentum to revitalize our educational, agricultural and healthcare sectors and to upgrade our infrastructure and build the capacity of our youths to stand on their feet.

On that day as I addressed our honourable legislators, I also reviewed the performance of the 2019 Budget. I stated that the sum of N91.6 billion was budgeted to fund capital and recurrent spending.

As the 2019 fiscal year comes to an end, I want to report that of the N91.6 budgeted for the year, the actual receipts in the coffers of the state government from all projected revenue sources stood at N78, 185, 807, 438.95.

As at now, the total recurrent spending for the year stands at N47, 308, 084, 499.89, which represents 94.7% of the projected sum. The cumulative capital expenditure, on the other hand, stands at N28,732, 936, 853.86 which represents 69% of implementation success.

I am pleased to report that the total percentage of implementation success of the 2019 Budget now stands at 85.3%.

As we look to the New Year, therefore, and the opportunity to make even more impact in the lives of our people, I want to express my deepest appreciation to the Speaker and Honourable Members of the House of Assembly for the expeditious passage of the 2020 Finance and Appropriation Bills.

This is a significant step that would enable us to continue to execute numerous developmental projects in order to bring about a rapid socio-economic and infrastructural transformation of the state.

The 2020 Finance and Appropriation Bills passed by the House and now presented for my assent provides for a total aggregate expenditure of N108, 314, 101, 082. This implies that having subjected our initial proposal of N108, 414, 101, 082 to legislative scrutiny, the budget size was reduced by the House of Assembly by N100 million or by 0.102%.

Out of the N108, 314, 101, 082 passed by the House, the sum of N50, 518, 800, 000.00 has been earmarked for capital expenditure while N57, 795, 301, 082 will be devoted to recurrent services.

I want to assure the Honourable House and the people of the state that our administration’s commitment to transparent, effective and accountable financial and resource management remains resolute. We will In-sha-Allah execute the projects and services appropriated for in the 2020 Budget to the best of our ability.

In keeping with our resolve to take our state to the Next Level of development, I hereby direct all Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs) to renew their commitment to the determination and hard work and dedication needed for a successful implementation of the 2020 Budget.

I also direct the Chief Accounting Officers of the MDAs to uphold the provisions of the Budget and prepare implementation workplans that should and must align with those budgetary provisions. This should be undertaken in conjunction with, and under the guidance of, the Office of the Secretary to the State Government and the Ministry of Budget and Economic Planning.

Let me conclude by speaking to the need to cut wasteful expenditure across our MDAs. In tight budgetary times such as now, we need every ministry and agency of government to be effective and to try to achieve more with less. We also need to implement every possible strategy we have to prop up the revenue we generate internally so that we have the capacity and adequate financial muscle needed to achieve the objectives of the budget.

With these being said, let’s get to work.

Thank you so much.

Note: The photos below are from the budget signing ceremony at WAWA Hall, Government House Damaturu earlier today.


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