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My Children in unity schools just came home for election induced holiday and reminded me of another reason why I should not vote for Atiku.

In 2005, Obasanjo and Atiku made attempts at selling Federal Unity Schools or Federal Government Colleges . For two years following the announcement of the policy, they did not admit new students into the schools.

We must pray for the soul of President Yaradua who came and reverse the policy.

If you think it is only NNPC that Atiku wants to sell, you are deceiving yourself, they told me.

He will sell Federal government colleges to their friends and so school fees will go up.
Many teachers and school administrators will lose their jobs.

Children of the poor and middle class who still enjoy quality education at affordable fees will not be able to afford the schools and will drop out.

Their teachers will be sacked and sent to labour market as the new private owners will not want to keep them.

So Daddies and mummies for the sake of your children and their teachers, vote to keep PDP away from national assets. Grandpas and grandma’s for the sake of your grandchildren and future generations of Nigerian children don’t vote for PDP .


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